I feel like Jhin has too much of everything

I've come to a simple conclusion about Jhin: he's got too much of everything. Okay, that's a little hyperbole, but you get the idea. He's got a lot going on in his kit and he's got it in spades. Mobility? He's got the mobility from his passive. Then he gets {{item:3095}}{{item:3094}} {{item:3009}} on top of that for more movespeed. Then he gets fleet footwork 40% of the time for even more mobility and some healing. Oh yeah, his W grants him MS as well. AoE damage? Well his Q bounces off of up to 4 targets. His W hits everything in a line. His E is AoE. And he gets 4 chances to hit his ult, which is kind of a grey area. CC? His W has a root on it. His E is a stealth AoE slow. His Ult has CC on it. So you step on a lotus. Then he roots you with his W. Then he fires off his ult and slows you up to four times on top of that. Getting chain CCed sucks, but usually it takes multiple champs to pull it off. This champ can keep you CCed for quite awhile by himself. Damage dealt? He's a top 10 damage dealer for ADCs. With crazy mobility and tons of utility. Ashe on the other hand has less mobility and does less damage. Safety? Well thanks to his CC, his mobility, and his poke, he's the 3rd least likely ADC to die. I feel like his kit does too much and doesn't really have enough holes in it. If you want a relatively safe ADC who does a lot of damage, is mobile, and has lots of CC, he's your guy. I'm kind of surprised riot made this champ. Usually decent DDs need to be peeled for. While he's not the best in terms of damage, he's got a lot of self peel to make up for it. Riot doesn't usually put tons of damage on a champ with a lot of utility, but he's got better than average damage and a bunch of mobility. He also has a lot of tools for wave clear and it shows as he's in the top 1/3rd of ADCs (almost in the top quarter) in terms of being able to kill a lot of minions. I feel like Jhin can do a little too much a little too well and that he doesn't have to make a lot of the trade-offs other champs need to.
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