My experience with the new buff as a Kled main (2Mil Mastery)

This patch riot gave Kled a buff, which in my opinion was desperately needed. Seeing as his last buff was in patch 7.24. I'm grateful for the buff but I honestly think it was unnecessary in the sense that kled falls off in the late game, IMO, the buff helps him trade and snowball better in the early to mid game. But late game he falls off, preferably I'd have something that helps him scale like better dmg on skills or attk growth, idk. But all in all I'm grateful, his win and play rates have skyrocketed, and now people are claiming he is broken, honestly I don't feel this way as his counters (IMO)are as follows: Fiora, Jax , Poppy, Karma and Tahm Kench. Riot will attempt to 'fix' him next patch, the suggestions I'd like to make are: Lower the healing reduction from 60 to 40%. Or reduce the grievous wounds time from 5 to 3 seconds. This champ is near to my heart I started playing him in 2017 and he pulled me out of bronze and silver. I understand he is hard to balance because of the lack of data on him so I just felt like I'd share my views.
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