S9 suggestions: Toxicity Runes and Items.

Hello everyone! Our greatest wish has been granted: **Tyler1 is now free. {{champion:119}} hehe xd** And guess what: **He is still toxic, but in a different way.** But wait - **There are people who still haven't #REFORMED.** **There are people who still say "fuck you're mom" and "gg eZ noob".** So, let's make special Runes and Items for toxicity! ******** Items: ******** **Tear of Despair:** For each inted kill, you will take 5% less damage. If there are 20 kills inted, you will **take no damage at all**, and if there are more kills inted, **enemies will heal you. In addition, if a teammate has died over 15 times, you gain 30% more damage**. Build path: {{item:3070}} + {{item:3086}} + {{item:3117}} **Toxic Star Switchblade:** For each \* in chat, when it is written by your teammates, it will increase your AD by 5 and AP by 10. **That is right, each "\*\*\*\* you" will increase your AD by 20 and AP by 40**. Build path: {{item:3113}} {{item:1036}} {{item:3303}} **S.A.L.T. Task Force** It stands for "Space-Air-Land-Toxicity Task Force", **HIGHLY CLASSIFIED** For each F word, a Bomber will lift from your fountain and bomb enemy structures. For each message that includes "your" and "mom", an Aircraft Carrier is spawned and will produce 4 Bombers/minute. For each message that includes "noob", your Towers gain resistance from enemy Bombers For each message that includes "afk", and actual disconnecting afterwards, bombers gain 300% damage(doesn't stack) and 50% mixed penetration. For each message that includes "stupid" or "idiot", a space frigate is spawned. Frigates can spawn bombers and fire long range laser at enemy champion with lowest HP. Each 5th message with the words included spawns a Medical Helicopter which will heal your team. Each message that includes "noob champ", your towers build a FLAK cannon to defend against enemy Bombers, Frigates and Champions. **The Question Answerer:** For each question mark pinged, any successive pings(starts from 3rd) will steal increasingly more gold - first 5, then 25, then 125, then 625... If the pinger has no gold, it will sell their items. If the pinger has no items and gold, it will sap their health and mana. If it has neither of these, it will enjoy gray screen forever, and might as well AFK, which leads us to... **The Super Challenjour Smurf:** For each player disconnected, it will summon a Challenger player into your game, and on your team. If he decides to int, it will fire BIG BIG BIG LASER at enemy nexus.

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