Losing because of AFK is undetectable by 2019 technology, resulting in losing LP normally

Imagine the following: someone gets bugsplatted during game and reconnects a bunch of times, is behind and essentially loses the game solo. I had to still have my game lost normally and it will count as a legitimate loss. I don't care if 30 minutes of 10 peoples' lives were wasted, I do not deserve this to be counted as a loss. The same thing with maintenance should happen; win 9 LP if you win as 5 versus less than 5, and lose nothing if you lose as less than 5 versus 5 (also not count the game as a loss in promos). If the 5-man team loses versus less than 5, everyone should win/lose LP normally. This could be abused if someone just risks their own LP to not let their teammates lose against a broken comp, but things will be figured out.
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