I'll post this again, that I have posted a few months back about Draaaaaaven

OK so with the introduction of {{item:3095}} making the next AA a guaranteed crit, can Mister Draven receive the same treatment as {{champion:67}} ? If you remember correctly, Vayne was bs because her Q was considered an Auto-attack and not a on-hit effect (meaning that the Q damage received the full crit effect and could result in 1 one shot squishies, now her auto-attack does crit, and then adds the extra-damage from Q, and also affects life-steal). So now, can Riot do the same to {{champion:119}} about his Q ? Meaning that a crit won't affect the whole Q damage, but instead do a "normal damage crit" and then add the extra-damage from Q (and same for life-steal, damn I've seen Draven crit and heal for 400 hp sigh). I mean Riot reworked adcs so that they don't deal burst damage anymore, but with the addition of this item, they're back to deal burst damage even earlier in the game than they used to. (Yes I know {{champion:202}} and {{champion:21}} are an issue too, but I'm talking about Draven and please don't bring random unrelated topics like "but Zoe / Garen / Ahri / Talon / Zed / my mother is broken")
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