Why in the world am I still in bronze?

It's not that I care what my rank says, I'm simply tired of uneven match-ups in which I feel sorry for the other player and know his team is insulting him. I made it to Gold V near the end of season 2 or 3, and hadn't played since. On a new account (already near level 30) I started ranked in this preseason and was placed into Iron IV, where I climbed out playing against silver players. I rose to bronze II, then fell back to upper bronze IV, I am now at mid bronze III, but have well over a hundred games played and have become a veteran in bronze. I don't understand what flaw there in the match-making or Elo system that has relatively new players being paired with me. I understand it can take many games to reach our true Elo, but in the mean time I am feeling cruel when I play against what I consider a true bronze player, i.e. someone playing at an elementary and beginning level. There are people down here who have never played games except against bots. The skill level is extremely uncomfortable and uneven down here, which is what I remember from season 2. I had the same feeling then as I do now, only I soared through upper bronze then. I suppose this is what people mean when they say the game has changed. It sure is a rotten feeling though to be bullying new and part-time players. I would desperately like to get out of bronze. Also I have two other new accounts I need to do it on, and they are introducing positional ranks. That means 15 times that I will need to climb through bronze! Surely Riot can see that this is not right. I have a positive kill-death ratio 9 out of 10 games. There's something very wrong with this situation. I should never be doing so well in this game. If match-making was working properly I would be facing challenges in lane, losing and wondering what I did wrong. Another scary thing is that I'm not the best player down here... often games are carried by people with 200+ CS at 25 minutes, 15 kills, etc. I have been informed that these are "boosters" or "smurfs", but there sure are a great deal of them. A very weird Elo to say the least, and I don't know what the solution to it is. I do know that it was a heck of a lot easier to rise in rank in season 2 or 3, or so it seems.
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