League is in a critically bad state right now.

I've been playing since season 1, and I can say without a doubt that this is the most volatile, unbalanced, convoluted mess I've ever seen league of legends be. I've gone through things like feral flare, spirit of the ancient golem/wraith/lizard, devourer, league of cleavers, stacking sunfire capes, force of nature, stacking warmogs, jax 100% dodge.... I've seen some shit, man. (Thousand yard PTSD stare) ....(snaps out of it) But those were isolated problems. Those were problems you could play around. Those were things that you came to expect, and could develop an answer strategy for. Not this. Not now. There are so many goddamn things wrong with this game right now, you just can't plan for all of them. You might be able to tackle one or two things, but that still leaves 3-5 absolutely GLARING problems that you don't have an answer for. I stopped playing ranked entirely because the game state is just too goddamn volatile right now. I don't know what needs fixing in what order, or when, or how, but god damn... This game is in fucking trouble right now.
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