I am someone who hates losing,i started playing off meta picks and even if i lose i still have fun..

I am someone who only has fun with the game when i win,i dont like losing,i dont have fun losing,i dont have fun losing my lane,i dont have fun getting carried,i dont have fun winning my lane going 10/1/4 and still losing the game. I was recently started getting bored of the same shit champions every single god damn game and i thought "fuck it" So i started playing champions like {{champion:83}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:429}} I have a great time losing a game,losing because of my team or even getting carried by them when i play those champions... I get the feeling you get when you start playing a newly released champion every time i play the above mentioned characters..people play like they havent seen those champions again in their lives.. You Q W Q E Q someone as {{champion:13}} and he goes "wtf broken as champion" because meta taught them that {{champion:13}} is a useless piece of shit...they look up his winrate thats below 44% and think he is a weak champion...please... I just wanted to get that out there,if you are someone who is getting bored of the game try and play something "unique" something you dont see every 2 games..youll probably get fucked in the beginning by every meta slave playing {{champion:39}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} but after like 10 games youll fuck most players up,because they dont know what {{champion:82}} 's W does or how much damage can a {{champion:13}} with {{item:3070}} can output or a {{champion:429}} with {{item:3153}} {{item:3006}} I have been two times 14 day banned because i flamed my team in the past because they were losing,thats how much i hated losing. The past couple of weeks i feel like a different person..
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