Why increase galio's ap ratios when instead yo could've added another small MR ratio or two?

He's supposed to be the anti-mage tank right? Increasing ap ratios doesnt do crap except for make ap galio stronger. Why not give him more incentives to make him build mr and punish him when he doesn't? And before anyone complains about not being able to do anything facing ad oriented teams, well, why did you pick galio into an ad oriented team/why did you blind first pick galio who is supposed to be a more niche champion? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT I'll add answers to legit questions/statements below up here. #1 "They dont want to touch mid galio but need to nerf top galio" Mid galio stays the same for the most part or even benefits so long as he isn't going up against an AD champion which is supposed to counter him anyways by virtue of being AD #2 "tank galio needs to make sacrifices" Armor tank galio will make sacrifices with this change while mr galio can still succeed, wow, it's like that's galio's niche in the first place.
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