Garen is the only champion in League to have zero competitive relevance ever

Not even when he was "broken" in season 5 Worlds. There's really no excuse to let a flagship character rot like this; no other beginner champion has been doomed to complete mediocrity. Ashe has been majorly successful on multiple occasions, Warwick saw brief relevance post VGU at the height of his power (and would probably be relevant again if Riot ever fixed his numerous and sometimes ruinous bugs). Even Annie has seen a return to pro picks this season because she's been played top lane. Look at how much work his best players have to do to succeed with him. Multiple builds and rune pages, breaking every matchup (in TWO lanes) down to a science, all so they can still be much better off if they had just swapped to another champion. Will this horrible champion ever get a real rework that makes him somebody worth playing for a reason deeper than just liking the champion? Will he ever get a real kit? How long do we have to wait for it?
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