How to counter Fiddlestick ult in team fights?

I am really curious. Just lost to a Fid who was fed and there was little I could do about him. He would ult my back line, decimate them in 1 second and then zhonyas. By the time his zhonyas ended we were practically dead. If Wukong is "unfair" how do you counter Fid + Zhonyas? Literally can't... yet he deals A LOT more damage than Wukong's ult in a much larger range, and he can still use other abilities while its going off. EDIT his ult deals 1625 base damage over 5 seconds. With 300 AP the damage goes up to 2300 damage. Half of his ult he is invulnerable through Zhonyas.. the ult range is 800, so it is pretty wide. If you engage or get engaged on, if you cannot win the trade quickly 4v5 once Fiddle ults in he decimates the team and pops Zhonyas. I don't think anyone here seems to find it frustrating like it was for me though, so I guess fuck it.
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