I really, REALLY don't like Kayle changes.

Why would you limit her build so much? Was AD Kayle such a monstrosity in high elo (she wasn't lol) or in proplay (she doesnt exist in proplay lol) that you had to utterly gut her? Was removing the true damage which she literally only got to in 20% of all games, but when it did it played so amazingly to her gameplay fantasy, so important? Was buffing her burst while lowering her consistent dps what you intended when you first wanted to rework her? Was lowering her atkspd a well thought out decision? Was lowering her attack range for vast majority of the game something reasonable to do? Getting ranged attacks on lvl6 will be abused to the utmost extreme. Instead of being a chore to play against during late game she will now reach her "stupidly obnoxious" state in midgame. Bonus attack range at lvl16 will be IRRELEVANT because in teamfights situation Kayle should absolutely never get close enough to a fight for enemies to get to her, that additional 25 range will only make it slightly more annoying for enemies to reach her, it will barely help her out. Hell, she will be even weaker in teamfights because her true damage was straight up stolen from her and unless she builds literally full AP (which demolishes her gameplay fantasy because lmao no atkspd) she will never be stronger than current Kayle. Also, what the actual **** is that Exalted movement speed change lmao. Kayle is supposed to run people down not run the hell away. Kayle was already a mediocre champion. Hundreds of man-hours were spent by her mains to come up with builds that work at least consistently on her. Forcing her into literally one and only build of full AP just takes a piss on all that work. If this is the price I have to pay for earlier range attacks and mana refund on Q, in my opinion you may just rework her again. I hate those changes. Peace.
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