kayle adc is stronger than ap/as kayle, working as intended

you will deal just as much true damage by going 100% crit kayle (with guinso as non crit item for the AS ) than by going AP kayle. why that? beceause the true damage part can CRIT, and does 225 % true dmg with IE . so you end up having just as much true dmg on top of stronger auto attack. late game you will deal 160 true damage every auto attack with 2.4 AS, if taking lethal tempo you will get even more. it's the BEST DPS OPTION , and it's not like you lose anything of not having ap, beceause your Q ap scaling is bad. only things you lose is a little bit of damage from your ult. and i think this is TERRIBLE, i will abuse it for now but seriously, UP her ap ratio, remove the crit part of her true dmg. this should not be a things. EDIT : the full build is {{item:3006}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3508}} you can change the zeal item for example replace shyv with {{item:3094}} , anyway, i found no way to build that outdamage this build, and you deal 160 true dmg late game, with precisely 3.5 AS when lethal tempo is available, at 30 min with gathering storm and 1 fire drake you will have 400 AD with 100 crit for some nasty AD dmg, you will melt squishy in 3 aa max, melt tank in less than 3 sec, and still have 700/800 dmg on your ult for wombo combo engage. give me one reasons why i should build her ap :/
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