I'm right, again. Suck it, haters!

Everytime I put my ideas on the board for Wukong, it gets downvoted to invisibility. For 8 years I've been saying the Wukong's W should be changed to AA (dealing physical damage) in place for a few seconds when he cloaks and everybody called me stupid and hated the idea. For 8 years I've been saying that Wukong's clones should debuff his enemies (added to his passive like I said it should be) and his Q should give sustain (It was supposed to stay physical damage though). Mocked me and shrugged me off as just another Wukong lover who wanted him to be OP. As for his E, my idea wasn't implemented. I said i should stay the same, but if the enemy is isolated or only 2 enemies, the 2 clones can attack the targeted for 50% damage each (100% bonus damage). If both enrmies are champions, the additional clone would of course prioritize the targeted champion. REGARDLESS... JUST CAME HERE TO RUB MY GENIUS IN YOUR FACES SINCE I'VE BEEN RIGHT FOR THE 1000TH TIME! ESPECIALLY PERTAINING TO MASTER WUKONG!
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