Press The Attack , Balance wise ?

Guys, I think that Press The Attack is in a terrible balancing spot, its such a great choice for adcs and ranged champions but mediocore at best for melee champions, the old fervor had the difference between Ranged stacking and Melee stacking and I think that part is missing currently, because I dont feel like you can balance a keystone when Lucian procs it in 1 second from range and fiora that has no real other choice than going Press The Attack, needs to actually go in and make herself vulnerable to a potential gank or just a bad trade. In my opinion it should be like 5-6 autoattacks for ranged champions to proc it and 3 autoattacks for melee champions , what are your thoughts on this one ? Tldr: PTA is strong on ranged champs, not really performing great for melee champs, how to balance it around ?
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