Bring Bans Back To ARAM (Poll)

Having bans in ARAM was the best thing to happen since the mode came out. There have also been suggestions to open up all champions and allow bans (picked or random) and that seems like it would be good too. I don't know why they would remove the ability to ban because of a few complaints when it should be clear that more people than not want bans in ARAM. Regardless here is your opportunity to let Riot know with a poll. If you truly don't want bans say so, but if you are like what I think the majority is, please ask Riot to bring back bans to ARAM. Edit 1: I understand that this may not be super important even though at the time of this post I felt I should put it that way. If I could edit the poll I would change it to a simple yes and no instead of important, etc. Consider voting yes/no and ignore the 'this is very important' or 'this isn't necessary' bits. Edit 2: So, as of right now (4/22-3 days after post), and this post probably wont go much further, only 1/5th of players polled wants bans gone. 4 out of 5 players would like bans returned. I imagine this poll would probably not get any better for the players that want bans to stay gone. I imagine that most people disagree with the stand that Riot took and the reasoning behind why they are not returning ARAM bans. Again, (and ill edit this in to the main post), the only way to fix ARAMs and not have bans is to: 1. Remove re-rolls and champion swaps 2. Unlock all champs for every lvl acount when you play an ARAM 3. Remove the free champ pool for ARAMs because of #2 4. If 1-3 are met then yes keep bans out of it otherwise bans should be left in It promotes a more 'chill' environment to keep bans because you don't have to worry about playing against this or that champ.
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