Ranged vs Melee top

Yes another one of these... I've read comments mostly saying "just afk under turret" or "get jungler help u". That doesn't help because that already means you are losing the lane and automaticly losing the lane is the problem. Also if you need too much help top the enemy jungler has an easy time ganking bot and taking drakes which is very important rn. You as a melee have to play perfectly. 1 mistake and you're dead(or have to go back). 1 death and the lane is lost. There is no coming back. You basically rely on your enemy to make huge mistakes because he doesn't know how to exploit the range advantage. If he plays good you just don't have a chance killing him. If you actually manage to kill him then he still has the option to farm save. If he kills you you can't even farm under turret because you get poked (depending on match up). I think the whole concept of ranged sitting in minions and melee basically going afk is wrong. Ranged champs are the ones who should look for opportunities to poke and quickly retreat and kite if the melee chases. Rn you don't rly need that. Go on your lane lvl 1 as ranged and right click your opponent out of the lane. Hurray you have achieved "ranged top lane".
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