Why is overtuning/buffing mage items a thing?

Let´s start off in a simple way. Which boots are arguably the best? {{item:3020}} Which boots had the most recent buffs? {{item:3020}} Which boots were the best boots prior to that change? {{item:3020}} Next off starting items. So I placed all starting items in an order, beginning with the lowest winrate. {{item:1054}} {{item:3302}} {{item:1039}} {{item:1055}} {{item:3301}} {{item:1041}} {{item:1056}} {{item:3303}} I hope you´re able to recognize a clear pattern right here. Following, completed items. Starting with {{item:3116}} This one´s easy. It´s safe to say that it´s quite niche, however on dot champions and especially combined with {{item:3151}} it´s simply way too cost efficient and gives too much utility. In a direct comparison between {{item:3116}} and {{item:3022}} we have 20% slow for 1 sec on {{item:3116}} , meanwhile {{item:3022}} has the same slow for half a second longer whilst being unable to reproc. And yet it costs 500 gold more. Ingame example: {{champion:63}} uses his E, slows his target´s movement speed for 5 seconds, which allows him to easily hit his spell rotation. And we ALL know what this feels like. Next up {{item:3135}} Why does {{item:3135}} give more penetration than {{item:3036}} , even though it costs 150 less gold and gives 40 AP more than {{item:3036}} gives AD? Following that, we have {{item:3027}} Why does {{item:3027}} give 500 HP 400 Mana 100 AP and a great passive for simply 2700 gold and 10 minutes of passive scaling? Ever thought about AD champions wanting to have a free scaling source without having to do anything that spikes on itself after completion and even heavier after stacking? Then we have {{item:3030}} This item might not look broken at first glance, however it has a strong synergy with Glacial Augment. Despite it´s low costs, {{item:3030}} once again gives everything a mage needs in order to not run oom the entire game and have even more utility. {{item:3157}}. Why is {{item:3157}} even in the game. It´s unfun for everyone and for a cost of only 100 gold more than {{item:3026}} , you successfully bought an item that is better in 9 out of 10 situations and additionally has a 3 **minute** shorter cooldown than {{item:3026}}. Heck I even saw ADCs (even those without any ap scaling at all) go for this item before, since it´s often times the only counterplay to champions like {{champion:107}} and {{champion:238}}. Also there is {{item:3102}} aka another great mage item AD champs will never get access too. So what makes {{item:3102}} special, you might ask? Well, I didn´t believe it myself at first, however, for some odd reason {{item:3102}} has more magic resistance than literally any tank item ({{item:3065}} , {{item:3001}} and {{item:3194}} to name a few). But as if that wasn´t enough it additionally gives you 75 AP **and** 10% Cdr **and** a free {{champion:90}} passive. {{item:3115}} and {{item:3124}} being the best **_AD_**C items in S8 says it all. Next up on the list, {{item:3165}}. Let´s break this down. Let´s use {{champion:67}} for example. (You could basically do this with almost every champion btw). So let´s say your mage was unable to proc sudden impact/ doesn´t have this rune. {{champion:67}} would still need to reach at least level 9 in order to not getting true damage anymore, as long as your let´s say {{champion:8}} bought {{item:3020}} and {{item:3165}} (which are btw very very common items, especially built in the earlygame). And Keep in mind, {{champion:8}} should be up 2 levels by then, which means he has a level 2 ultimate in his backpack. Even though I already touched on {{item:3151}} it´s so incredibly broken that it get´s its own spotlight right here. Why is an item that gives you great burst, great damage against tanks and some survivability as well a thing? Or why isn´t {{item:3151}} banned for brand players? This would make the game more enjoyable, actually. {{item:3040}} kinda has the same problems {{item:3027}} has. It might not be as powerful, however we can once again draw a conclusion by directly comparing it to {{item:3042}}. If you take like ten seconds to spot the difference between {{item:3040}} and {{item:3042}} , you immediatly start to think about why {{item:3042}} even is in the game. {{champion:245}} with {{item:3100}}. All I´d need to say. Why are AP champions becoming the best turret pusher all of a sudden? Does it really have to be this way? Let´s take a quick look at {{item:3285}} now. This item lost all of it´s identity. Okay, maybe I lied. Maybe not all of it. It used to be a burst item. Nowadays it´s a burst item that also gives you infinite mana for the rest of the game as long as you´re not {{champion:30}} and your E key stopped working after you pressed it the first time. And if that´s not enough, well, take 20% Cdr as well. Because that´s what modern balancing looks like. {{item:3146}} is also a stupid item. Useless on most champions, however, as soon as its viable on one, it immediatly makes the champion OP on its own. Doesn´t sound all that healthy if you ask me. And last, but certainly not least... {{item:3089}}. {{champion:45}} , {{champion:45}} and once again {{champion:45}}. I´m pretty sure I´d be lying if I´d say this isn´t the absolute most gold efficient item (if you forget {{item:1054}} {{item:1055}} {{item:1056}} ) Besides that, where´s the AD version of that? Why are mages getting access to over 1000 AP, while bruisers etc. are happy when they reach the 400 AD mark? So how am I gonna gonna say this... **_Rito PLEASE fix your game_**.
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