Recommend top laner and/or ADC

I'm lacking top laners, currenlty only owning {{champion:39}} and {{champion:127}}, but none of top laners feel inspiring by first impression, so I would apprechiate some recommendations that go beyond than that. Top laner should be relatively easy to pick up since I play top only when I have to. Then ADC, I more or less main that (or main Vayne), however I don't own that many champs of that role. I've been considering {{champion:222}} but she isn't really that interesting mechanically. As low tier player I propabky shoudlnt play mechanically challenging champs but I just find them a lot more rewarding than simpler ones, and in the end, play what you enjoy right? So some mechanically interesting ADC for matchups where Vayne is sub-optimal, someone different than Vayne. Thanks for help if someone bother :)
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