Are Berserker's Boots and Sorc too weak?

I wanna talk boots for a second, everyone(usually) builds em and overall I love the place they are at right now, there is ton of meaningful choice and the new unique passives of some of them make the choice really thing is, I think a few factors might make Berserker's(and to a lesser extent Sorc Shoes) a bit to weak at the moment and maybe rethinking the AS it gives into something else adcs might like would be better. 1. With Zeal items being so strong atm, a lot of adcs(especially those that can rush {{item:3153}} or ghostblade) already have the AS the need from other items 2.Caster adcs, which are really strong atm, really have to get {{item:3158}}, maxing the 45% CDR is just a much more needed stat than AS atm. The same is true for APC and CDR boots, casting more spells is simply better atm, esp for farming and poke than slightly more damage. 3.Now, the berserker's may never have been the best choice for caster ADCs or BOTRK builds, it was always the go to for the classic IE users...the standard AA builds, but now even those champions are often building {{item:3009}}. A lot of that has to do with the item being crazy gold-efficient atm, its not just adc's building it, its everyone. This is also due to the over-abundance of slows in the current meta(looking at you Frost Queen's). The thing is, those other roles loss meaningful, sometimes game changing things when they choose the roaming of swiftness over combat stat boots. For example you loss substantial MR and Tenacity that is hard to get elsewhere by not building Mercury Treads. and you loss overall tankiness vs multiple AD comps without Ninja tabi. But Berserker's doesnt give you something unique...or even something you can feel without a few more items...everything you would want from it, you will get by building your standard crit chance AS item. And with Sorc Shoes its similar, everything you get from it(more damage) can basically be gained from any AP item, how many other items can give you 10% summoner CDR? I think they arent weak items, just not the unique items with something special to offer like {{item:3158}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3047}} are.
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