On Fire Buff in Nexus Blitz

The On Fire buff in Nexus Blitz seems like it needs an adjustment of some kind. The purpose of this buff is to be high risk high reward, but it seems like it's far more reward than risk. I've not been seeing this as often, but when a strong pick in blitz gets the buff, sometimes they will immediately rush a tank item and have a reasonably tanky defense while retaining a MASSIVE stat increase to their damage. I'm not able to put hard numbers to the buff, but tanks with that item become a nightmare in the game, because they are still very hard to kill. It just seems like it does more for offense, and should probably either do less damage boosts, or cause increased damage taken. Because otherwise a carry just gets to build tank and not suffer. I realize that Nexus Blitz is supposed to be fun and all, so just pointing this out in the event the game mode ever comes back or future game modes use the buff, because it's an interesting mechanic that just seems to need a bit of tuning. Because as it stands it takes over games and is way too easy to protect with a defensive item.

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