Mordekaiser's Fate

2 Months ago; Mordekaiser's a niche pick with a dedicated player base and a simple kit. He's not the flashiest champion and certainly not the most popular. He's a straight forward tanky mage/bruiser who serves as a great anti assassin pick. His kit is simple and his gameplay pattern may be obnoxious to play against but people do manage to play around him , putting him at a 51% win rate. 1 Month ago; A Rioter answered to a fellow Morde main's thread, asking about upcoming changes to the Master of metal; "He'll be more of a bruiser" "He'll be less of a burst mage but more of a consistent damage threat with ramping up damage" "We'll try to stay true to his thematics and identity" Now we got the rework, which got a LOT of negative feedback but was pushed through regardless. Now we can all agree that the rework's bad on many levels, be it thematics, gameplay or general gimpyness of his kit. I was hopeful after the patch came about that with the right amount of tweaking and power shifts Morde could become better than he ever was; More healthy, less binary, smoother to play, thematically fitting for the Master of Metal. But no; no shifting in sight. What we do know is that he'll get nerfed. Right. NERFED. Morde treads the thin line of being utterly oppressive or a pile of trash with mere number nerfs and yet riot sees him standing at a 58% win ratio as an ADC and decides to nerf him instead of looking at the 43% win rate top/39% mid. The underlying problems are not his numbers but his gameplay pattern bot. Top lane he'll get kited and is gank bait due to abysmal low MS and the fact he can only use 2 skills in lane. But bot. Oh boy... He gets everything he needs to succeed; Sustain, MS, CC, Lockdown, peel. Mode's current kit is way too oppressive IF he gets a good support/team but he's utter shit when alone. There had to be a way to balance him without trashing him completely! This already sketchy rework is going to put him in Limbo; hovering between broken OP and trash only because Riot fails to acknowledge that they will never manage to balance a Melee "ADC" on the level of marksmen. He has to dominate to stand a chance, so he has to have broken numbers. It's a stalemate in which no one is going to win. veteran Morde players got their favorite champion trashed for their main roles New Mordekaiser players got a champ that's either pick or ban or completely useless and Riot, well, they might just have killed of their Lab rat named Mordekaiser since they will never, ever be able to balance him based on bot lane. They should balance him as a champion and NOT as a bot laner. //Rant//
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