Just a reminder: Jax E is 100% more valuable than 1000 armor

Jax, a fighter champion is allowed to be more tanky than juggernauts while also having 500 mobility because his counter strike exists. An ability that blocks all auto attacks in all directions and takes 25% dmg from AOE attacks is ridiculous. Oh if that is not enough, he gets to stun your team afterwards. Oh if that is not enough, he can just use counter strike again immediately because it basically has 0 cooldown anyway and SoS exists. Oh if that is not enough, he gets free armor and mr for building damage. So basically you have a champion that is more tanky than Darius, Illaoi and Yorick, while also have a 0 cd jump that is getting buffed next patch, with a 2 second basic attack dodge and he only takes 25% damage from AOE attacks and an ultimate that gives extra armor and mr for building damage. Nice champion guys. I’ve tried it. I built Trinity Force + Steraks on Jax and compared it to Darius, Illaoi and Yorick and Jax gets more HP than them. Jax has less armor than them but Jax E exists. Jax E is worth more than 1000 armor on Malphite. And Jax R also. Only in League of Legends we have juggernauts that have mobility and 0 counterplay at a certain point. Good job guys. Instead of nerfing Jax, they will buff him. It’s not like he hasn’t been Tier 1 for like 5 years now.
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