low account level games are terrible

so been leveling an alt to try to get into ranked with it and i constantly run into games where immediately as it starts i just have to /muteall, both teams are talking about completely irrelevant stuff; drug deals, account selling, ect, and then durring the games the stupidest stuff happens. perfect example in the game i just played enemy adc left before it started, the mid the support and the jungler all took smite and decided it was aram, ran it down pretty hard, top laner left about 10 minutes in, then for the remaining 7 minutes the 3 left in the game were just taunting, dancing and spamming emotes.. needless to say after the game we were all told to die in real life, that we were trash and to shut up, which you know ide expect from a guy with "inting" in his name. all in all i really dont think i would ever recommend this game to a new player if they didn't fully accept that their first two or three hundred games are gonna be equally or increasingly as aweful as that one
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