Those Nidalee Nerfs are Nerfing Laning Phase Nidalee and not Jungle Nidalee

Like seriously the problem is jungle Nidalee is out of control, I used to main nidalee, but this nerf is a joke. Its nerfing laning phase nidalee, and it doesn't change anything to Jungle Nidalee. Most Jungle Nidalee players Build ROA making this nerf non-existent. You need to change something else about her, instead of just nerfing her base stats. Pretty much all you did now was force Nidalee in the Jungle Role. The base HP nerf + hp/level nerf will cause her to have a terrible time in laning phase. Only Place for her now is the Jungle. TLDR; Nidalee Laning Phase is much more difficult, Jungle Nidalee is now the Recommended Choice*
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