adc feels really unrewarding to play

Ive been an adc main since i started league in season 3 and it was always super rewarding to be super squishy but dish out tons of damage. Being useless early and having to rely on someone else to help you win lane can get annoying but it always paid off when you started getting items. But now with how powerful supports are plus all the new and reworked champs having so much mobility and complex overloaded kits with the ability to unload extreme amounts of damage in a small window . Why is it that ADCs still rely so much on other players while having very basic play pattern. If my role is at the mercy of a support, and dealing with 4 man ganks and dives in lane, and requiring my team to peel for me in fights why isnt adc game impact substantially higher in the later stages. I just think with all the jax,irelia,rengar,etc endlessly diving you in the backlines when i get peels and im able to do damage they should clean house. i recently swapped to top and when i win lane hard or make a nice outplay it just feels better and more impactful. any other adc mains swap to new roles for more rewarding and impactful gameplay ?sorry for the little structure and typos just kind of freeflowed from my phone during lunch.
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