Losing 5 games After Promos to Lower MMR

Hello, I'm trying to hit gold this season, started in Bronze III and have hit my promos to gold 3 times after which I crash down to silver IV/ III then climb back. I only have time most likely for one more try. Every time I've got into gold promos my MMR has been around gold III or gold II from win streaks, I'm almost entirely a lux support OTP and focus on surviving all game with a fully stacked mejai and I feel like once i get into gold III MMR people are just much better at dodging skill shots or focusing me when I have stacks and my strat doesn't work as well. I feel like if I could get to silver I with a silver I MMR that I could easily advance. I was wondering strategically if i lost 5 games after each promo on my way back up do you think that would work at keeping me in silver 1 MMR when I actually get there? I'd have demote shield and it would help me keep my MMR in check. I also fail to understand the point of having MMR get so far ahead or behind of your LP resulting in games about a rank ahead as i saw no real change in LP gains as a reward for this. It's always between 16-20 LP and based on one team having a slightly higher total MMR. Will that work to keep my MMR in place for my last push? I don't mean throwing i just mean i'll learn a new champ for a few games after promos. I am also under the belief that after I lose promos some weird stuff happens behind the scenes that forces a massive lose streak so in my mind it's only a shot ordeal and not like you'd think where I could fail promos then hover around it and try again after a few more wins. (Also my lux OTP is not negotiable.)
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