Let's talk about Dark Harvest Shaco...

It's easy to spot a stacked Nasus{{champion:75}} in any point of the game and he can be kited down. It's annoying but I do know when an evelynn {{champion:28}} is about to charm me and the indicator even shows me where she is coming from. It's somewhat depressing, but I do know when a Rengar {{champion:107}} is near me and I am given the time to react. It's disgusting but I do understand that a tristana {{champion:18}} with her core (IE, RFC, SS) can burst me down and I can choose to play around her range. It's difficult, but I can be aware an assassin kayn {{champion:141}} is nearby by seeing the marks near the walls and it gives me time to react. Now let's talk about dark harvest shaco{{champion:35}} . How, just how do you react to a fed dark harvest shaco who seems to appear out of nowhere and insta kills you. Yes, there is that orange poof when he goes invisible but to see that in a fog of war, or when he passed a wall is incredibly hard to react to. Better tunnel vision around my champion because one time I looked into the minimap, the next second I was killed by a dark harvest shaco. Opened up the shop, and before I could close it, I was killed. It feels terrible to have a nasus flash wither me, and one shot me after surviving a rather relaxing laning phase. It feels terrible to have a fed tristana jump on me and kill me with three autos. But when a dark harvest shaco (who my team succeeded in feeding) suddenly appears next to me and deletes my health bar instantly with one backstab dark harvest imbued, sheen procced auto, I actually for the first time felt like quitting the game. Now, of course, im not going to quit and I don't feel the same way anymore. But for one moment, I did feel like quitting. It was just so lame. Now that tracker's knife is gone, there will be more un-warded areas. good lord. _I'm not saying that Dark Harvest Shaco is a guaranteed win for your team. I'm also not saying it's extremely busted. What I am saying is that it's really toxic to play against. There are situations where a shaco even has edge of night and it's humanely impossible to react, or create any counter play.__
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