Why Akali is the most flawed champion in League of Legends history

So, I made some points about one of the most, in my opinion, stupid and practically pick/ban champions. > Movement Speed on passive for hitting spells [35,40,45,50%] for 3s while inside ring, 4s while outside ring No one is convincing me that giving Akali free movement speed for hitting her Q is a reasonable balance decision, completely removes counterplay for melee champions and is closely tied to another issue I will address > Free Range on passive for hitting a spell and leaving the area with min 35% movement speed. For some reason, someone at Riot thought to themselves "wouldn't it be so fun to completely invalidate melee champions while we're at it?" and so they did. By adding a Free Range on her passive, Akali never has to even get close to her enemies, combined with the movement speed off her passive and shroud, akali is literally free winning lane since level 3. > 1.5s cooldown on Q which heals off PREMITIGATION DAMAGE Now I like to do a little math here, let's say Akali has hit level 9 and has got {{item:3020}} {{item:3146}} and a {{item:3165}} Disregarding the Runes, Akali now has HP: 1122.9 + 300 = 1422.9 AD: 84.6 + 40 = 125 AP: 0 + 80 + 80 = 160 Now, her next Q will deal: 125 + (0.5 x 125) + (0.65 x 160) = 291.5 = 292 damage. Well that's a pretty good poke ability right? Well it doesn't end there! Since her Q is level 5 she gets 33.3% damage increase on minions and jungle monsters, assuming akali is healing off a minion, we can add that in 292 + (292 x 0.35) = 394 damage Now the most fun part about that is the fact that 40% of the damage she has just dealt, she is also healing for. 394 x 0.4 = 158 hp So at this point Akali heals for more than 10% of her HP for each charged Q. **This is all not counting Gunblade's healing, or any runes I remind you.** > Q slows for some reason. Apart from her Q dealing some pretty good damage, for some reason, riot has decided to add a 50% slow, so even if you are close to hitting akali and finishing her off, she can just press one button, heal up and run away. > Shroud is the stupidest fucking ability in the game. > W restores energy for no reason Akali's shroud is one of the most busted abilities in the entire game because it allows multiple things to Akali: 1. A place to land her E in so she can engage/disengage 2. Free movement Speed buff 3. Ability to ignore aa-reliant champions 4. Dive under turrets with no consequences But fine, whatever atleast it's got a long ass cooldown and has a short duration like _**ALL**_ stealth abilities, right? > W grants 7 SECOND invisibility for no reason, also true stealth. > W has a base cooldown of 11 seconds allowing to a minimum CD of 6 seconds. So, to sum it up Akali's W: lasts 7 seconds, restores 80 energy on cast. Well it's pretty strong but I wouldn't call it OP if it's just that right? A lot of people have energy restoration and 7 seconds isn't that l- > Akali can re-enter shroud for bonus duration, can extend the entire duration up to 10 seconds. > Akali gets bonus movement speed for no reason Well nevermind then, Akali's W: lasts minimum of 7 seconds; allows Akali to enter and re-enter the shroud while dealing damage to you, healing and regenerating energy while also allowing to prolong the duration to 10 seconds; restores 80 energy on cast, basically granting Akali a refund on her Q; and gives her 40% movement speed for absolutely no reason. Also let's check out how fast Akali's gonna be running through the shroud, ruining your day. Akali base MS is 345, adding sorc shoes onto that we have 390, assuming akali uses her passive and puts down the shroud she can gain up to **640 MS **while in shroud and fighting the enemy Feel free to inquire upon a point and/or try and change my mind about how this champion is OP.
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