Win streaks -> Loss streaks -> Win streaks...

For a long time now, my ranked experience has been a series of wins followed immediately by a series of nearly unavoidable losses. Like, over and over again. If I'm on a 5 game win streak, I'm eventually bound to hit a road bump of 3-5 losses soon after. The reason why I'm making a thread on it is that it happens so consistently that it's almost mind boggling. Even if I end the day on a win, the next session I lose like 2-3 in a row. It just picks up where it left off, and it's starting to make me think that if I go on a win streak, the game purposefully puts me with those more likely to lose to balance out the odds. My recent ranked match history is pretty much patterns of green and red in groups of 3-5 at this point, save a few instances. Anywho, does anyone else have this same problem? It's really difficult to climb when you only get good team mates for so long before they bring on the heavy stuff.

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