Listen up all you silver/gold players. And listen good.

There are games that happen in this range that you folks lose CONSTANTLY just because you are too timid, too stupid, and have zero game sense. There is no reasons to lose games like this with an 8k lead at 20 minutes. Every lane crushed. Every single one. I was ALL OVER the map making tp play after tp play. I won us every single big fight we had pretty much single handidly. All that is fine and dandy. But here's the issue: THIS IS NOT CALL OF FREAKING DUTY! You don't win the game for getting kills. You see all those kills on my teammates? 46-33. That was the kill score. We won objectives too. More towers taken and twice as many nuetral objectives until the very end of the game when we lost out nexus towers. Why did we lose this match? Simple: You folks who play in silver and gold simply REFUSE to play the game like its a STRATEGY game. You play it like its a first person shooter. All you worry about is your damn kda. You don't even THINK about how, why, or where you can take objectives when you have a numbers advantage. You don't play the side lanes and manage your waves. You all just group mid starting at 20 minutes and turn the game into an aram like a bunch of dumbasses. Stop doing this. When you are given orders by a diamond player smurfing? Follow them. Don't question them. Don't finish taking the last 3 raptors. Stop what the fuck you are doing and do whatever the hell it is the diamond wants you to do. If your best player is kicking ass and taking names and he gives you a gameplan? Fucking follow it. To the letter. The reason all you folks are stuck in low elo is you, quite literally, lack the ability TO BE CARRIED. Yes, this is a skill. Learn it. Follow the orders of the player playing the best and putting you guys in a position to succeed. Stop doing your own random idiotic things. Go do what you are told to do. I promise you, it will work out better and more consistently. You can ONLY continue to fail and lose easily won games like this because you don't know what to do and yo u don't want to listen to the players who do. If you aren't flat out crushing and cruising in your matches (in which case YOU become the primary shotcaller, so accept that responsibility, accept that most of the blame will fall on you for YOUR gameplan if it goes wrong and rightly so) then listen to the dude who is. Whatever he tells you to do, do it. No questions, no debate, no waiting, INSTANTLY turn to do whatever he tells you to do and follow his lead. That team in the screenhot had 7 separate chances to win this game post 22 minutes. 7. We had a 5 on 3 seven times after 22 minutes. Instead of taking the towers I was pinging or the baron that was free guess what these idiots would do? Yeah, something stupid and pointless and totally on their own while one person actually tried to win the game. Don't be the reason you lose games, listen to the better players when you have them, obey them, stop thinking for yourself. If you could you wouldn't be silver. This is not a rant, its not a frustration piece or post. It's in direct response to the nature of the comments from that team after the game questioning why they lost and each trying to point fingers at another. Here's a hint for you four who were in that game: It was YOU. You were the reason. YOU are to blame. You. No one else. You. You didn't listen, you didn't have your own plan, you didn't try to take advantage of the numbers, you let an 8k, 4 tower lead collapse completely because you refused to take objectives and went chasing kills. All you had to do was listen to the dude who was kicking ass and taking names. If you had you would have won. When you back off of fights that are initiated 4 on 2 you don't deserve to win. It was 4 on 2 and you backed off instead of simply fighting and winning and taking the nexus. That's on you. No one else. But it doesn't have to be... if you listen. So listen. If you EVER want to stop being a silver scrub, then listen.
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