Riot Doesn't Understand Yorick (or Monsters)

It says in the rework post that you thought the main reason Yorick was underplayed was because he was an ugly gravedigger, really? Did you lose the data showing his huge popularity on release, that he was considered a top Pick/Ban in Ranked, until he got nerfed into the ground because his kit was too hard to balance? You said the same crap about characters being "ugly" with Urgot, Trundle and Skarner too. Have you never heard of Pudge? He's a giant ugly mess who literally has guts spilling out and an ability called "Rot" which just surrounds him with deathly stink, but he's been one of the most popular Heroes in Doter since FOREVER because he has solid, fun gameplay and is well-balanced. People aren't skipping out on playing your ugly monsters because they are ugly monsters. Plenty of people LIKE ugly monsters. But what they like more is balanced and competitive gameplay, and for some reason, you always seem to give your ugly monsters terrible kits that are hard to balance, so you nerf them into obscurity and then blame their looks. Also, that new W ability? That's not a "wall of corpses", it's a circle of lampreys. Those are giant worms with teeth, not corpses. I know you are afraid of showing dead bodies for fear of angering your Chinese Overlords but at least give the spell an accurate description. But I guess it shouldn't surprise me that you are squeamish about aesthetics since you robbed Graves of his cigar. Cowards. PS: Why is Flash still in this game?
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