Autofill Dumbasses

I have no idea why the autofill system is a thing. I rather wait a longer time for a match than to be put in a game with some dumbass who doesn't know the role their playing. I was playing jg hecarim and we had this autofilled first time Kai sa. They claim to not know how to play any adcs so they went kai sa. It was fine until the bot lane first tower fell and then all the shit fell apart. The enemy bot lane now got to roam, which was a yummi and sivir. So now all my lanes were losing and we eventually lost the game. I was fine with this as this happens but this dumbass says shes reporting me for toxicity. I said nothing toxic. I was just confused and frustrated why she didn't just dodge the damn game or read what her abilities do. Like WTF? This player thought I was being Toxic? Being Toxic is calling a player dogshit and yelling at them for feeding and all that bs but all I said the entire game was why she didn't just dodge to which she created the bullshit excuses saying I got autofilled :(, or I don't know how to play and ADC's. Then she tells the enemy team that I flamed her all game. If you search up the damn definiton it is hostile online interaction that involves insulting messages, or flames, between users. Holy shit, what are these dumbasses in the game? They think that everything is toxicity or flaming in the game. Like really? Either Riot gotta put a damn definiton or stop making this dumb autofill system a thing.
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