What a catastrophy the latest champion reworks have been

I'm scared of the upcoming {{champion:82}} VGU. What was the point in giving {{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} a VGU, if they became such a disease to the point that having them in their old state would be better for the game. None of these champions are even remotely viable for soloQ now, they always start out by being classified as "fine" or "successful" by Riot themselves, and they say they'll monitor them. Often times they receive a small buff shortly after release, but the instantaneous moment people discover their actual potential, Riot makes them far worse than when they were released, and even goes ahead and removes mechanics that these champions rely on. An example is Irelia, whom since release have lost: * Bonus damage to shields * Magic damage reduction * Disarm Those are 3 core mechanics. Irelia was too strong and needed to be toned down, but she's near unplayable atm. Imagine if they removed {{champion:81}} on-hit Q, CD refund on Q and W attachment to towers and then compensated with a little higher damage. I don't get why we're running in circles with this, we've seen it before through {{champion:3}} {{champion:78}} already, yet pro play is just a constant obstacle for mains to enjoy their champion.
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