Can we talk about Ekko for a second.

I don't know if this is a bug or its intended (because my teammates said it was added in the new patch, but I don't see anything related to Ekko in the patch notes). So Ekko's W, that stupid slow and shield thing. Yeah, that. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO SEE THE RANGE OF IT WHEN HE CASTS IT, RIGHT? LIKE, SO YOU CAN SEE WHERE IT'S GOING TO BE SO YOU CAN DODGE IT, RIGHT? LIKE THE GREEN RINGS THAT TELL YOU WHERE IT'S GOING TO BE--THAT'S A THING STILL, RIGHT????? Because I just played a game against Ekko, and the single most frustrating thing was that he kept throwing out his W, and I could _hear_ it, but I could not _see_ it ANYWHERE until it was about to go off--giving me roughly 0.5 seconds to get the hell out of the thing because it literally just APPEARED out of NO WHERE on my face. I kept telling my teammates I couldn't see it, and they just said that that was a new thing added in the patch notes. I thought I was crazy, but there's nothing in the patch notes and the video of Ekko's abilities still has the indicator of where the ability is going to land. WHAT IS THIS. I LOST A GAME BECAUSE I COULD NOT SEE WHERE THIS SHIT WAS GOING AND GOT CAUGHT IN IT EVERY TIME. (I'm so mad, can't you tell?) Riot, please.
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