Riot break your own rules more!

Riot has always talked about a power budget when they create new champions. Taking away damage for a longer stun or giving damage but reducing attack speed or range. They understand that without diversity running champions on this budget will make the game very boring. So to diversify they break their ingame rules with some champions. They overcome the wall barrier with Bard, Sol, and Kayne. They just started on the market with Ornn. Other barriers we no longer think of because champions have already broken them. I personally feel like they could take the rule breaking many steps farther but of course taking away power where they see fit. Brainstorming time! ------------------------------------------ - They could make a giant character. Maybe so big that you only see his feet. He has long range and lots of health. But the enemy always has vision on him and he's slow. - Make the dragon a champion. If someone plays as the dragon there is no longer a dragon in the dragon pit. The dragon's team gains quite a few of the dragon's buffs but every time the enemy team kills the dragon player they steal one of the buffs until the enemy team has all the buffs and the dragon's team has none. - Within the lore of course make a champion a literal taxi. Has no power but his sole purpose is to taxi players between lanes super quickly like Tahm. He can move quick and his passive would be to taxi. - Make a character with 4 super slow magic abilities that do massive damage.(Think Ness's B move from Super Smash Brothers) but a very unique and versatile auto attack passive. He could be a mix between a fighter if built that way or a heavy damage dealing mage that could be easily interrupted. - Make another cow champion and give him the ability to eat brush. - Make a builder champion that can rebuild towers permanantely. - Give a new champion the ability to turn enemy's minions into his own. He can also rally minions around him to follow him where he goes. A lot like Yorick but dealing purely with actual minions. - Like what GBay says make a thief champion that can steal enemy gold from them - Make another champion like Bard god damnit I want more like him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I could sit here longer but this post is mainly about how the game is getting boring with small breaks in the rules. I think they should go much harder on creating niche champions. We now have a core cast of champions lets give them some super unique friends.

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