"Veigar is simply,balanced?"

When I think of {{champion:45}} ,I cannot think of any redeeming qualities of the new rework which gives him an edge over the competition,everyone else who comes to lane in the current meta game has some level of "unfairness" even if they are balanced(like viktor). What exactly is the issue with the new veigar?After the removal of DFG(hardest scaling item for him) he was left in a spot where he was "decent" because of his instant stun,the only redeeming quality of his kit bar his ult. After he got "nerfs" without compensation,he was guttered,then later on added some new abilities yada yada and here we are today,a sub par mid laner who tries his hardest for his opponents to out play themselves. Yes,this is why veigar is *so* bad,because he requires his opponents to basically *out play* themselves. But of course this is the 1v1 match up,in a team setting,the only way your stun is going to land is if they are running away and happen to be snagged by a highly telegraphed move,or are forced into it via some sort of immobilization or pressure move. Veigar really lacks anything in his kit that you can just say "wow thats totally unfair,but at least its only one ability" >>you might say,well,his ults pretty good,his stuns pretty good when it lands,he can stack AP which has synergy with deathcap. but then....thats it... {{champion:1}} . Just imagine if Annie didnt have access to an instant AoE stun,her w/r would surely gutter if she received no compensatory buffs to accompany this drastic switch in her playstyle. Tl;Dr:I feel like Riot could have done alot better with one of my favorite champions.
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