Lets have a serious discussion about supports.

Because it seems to me that the support role is the least balanced of any role in LoL right now. I mostly want to talk about 2 specific champions but I'll probably mention a couple others as well. The 2 champions I want to highlight are Blitzcrank and Sona. First lets talk about Blitz. Hes a one-trick pony if I've ever seen one. He either lands a grab on a high priority target and automatically wins the team fight for his team or he misses and puts his team on the back-foot for the next 12-18 seconds. Or alternatively, he grabs a tank on accident which may or may not work out in his teams favor. In lane, he if he grabs the enemy ADC even once you've pretty much lost lane. Almost 100% guaranteed both summoners are going to get burned which gives his lane a huge advantage and if he lands another grab within the next 5 minutes until flash is up again its pretty much a 100% guaranteed kill. Now, maybe in Gold+ Elo Blitzcrank has some counterplay. People know how to work around his grab and use minions for cover; everyone is more aware of positioning and know how high the threat of a single grab actually is. But in Bronze/Silver elo, a good Blitz can literally solo carry insanely hard. I've noticed this mostly in mid-high Silver where I'm at (Silver II). Blitzcrank is an incredible threat with very few weaknesses. His grab comes out extremely fast, its on a fairly low CD (especially if you build CDR), and its honestly not that hard to land (especially early game against an immobile ADC like Jinx or Varus), hes naturally fairly tanky, hes fast, he has a knockup for extra CC and an AOE silence?! Lets compare him to Thresh (and yes I am aware how strong Thresh is in the support role, but hear me out). Early game Thresh and Blitz have the same cooldown on their Q but Blitzcranks Q is much more punishing; especially early. Later Thresh will have a lower CD, however, Thresh's hook (although punishing) is not a 100% guaranteed kill on any target, or an automatic win in any teamfight. His hooks have a windup, he's slower and has no MS steroid, and his hook comes out slower so its easier to avoid. Thresh is not naturally tanky, he has lower mobility unless he is skilled enough/lucky enough to find a way to use his hook to escape sticky situations. Thresh has a stronger ult than Blitz, but it has a delay on activation and is on a much higher cooldown. I would I would argue that Blitzcrank's ult is better at stopping a grabbed carry from escaping and Blitzcrank is substantially better overall at picking off a single target than Thresh. And he requires much less skill to play. His pick potential is simply too high and players that can't work around it (which isn't easy) are royally boned. That being said, he hardly offers anything else to his team besides pick potential which is kind of stupid. Like I said, hes a one-trick pony and the only counterplay I can think of is to be good at dodging his grab and spell shields. I personally think his entire design is toxic and only fun for the person playing Blitzcrank and his team that gets a free win in every fight if hes good. Now, on to Sona. She is garbage. There is literally no reason to pick Sona. Ever. Anything Sona can do, someone else can do better. She has good poke damage but so does Karma, Soraka, Nami, Lulu, Zyra, and Zilian. Her heal is garbage, her MS buff is garbage, and her ult, although useful, is still underwhelming. Any CC hits her and shes dead, which means roaming to ward is even more dangerous than it already is. I think her kit is actually quite fitting but she needs an overall boost to her numbers because she gets outclassed in every way except maybe poke damage but that's irrelevant when Leona E's onto her and she dies instantly or Blitz grabs her and she dies instantly, or Thresh hooks her ADC and she can't do anything to help unless shes 6 in which case she has to burn her ult. She either needs to be reworked into something useful or get a huge buff to numbers. I'd argue she needs a major buff to her heal and her MS boost and she needs a minor buff to her ult (maybe give the stun a wider cast radius). I'd like to have an intelligent discussion about these 2 champions and the Support role in general. Please feel free to disagree with anything I've said in a respectful and intelligent manner. I'd like to hear what changes people would like to see and if I'm alone in my line of thinking. Thanks for reading.
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