Leblanc revert was a stupid idea

Honestly the rework felt a lot healthier to the game for me. She had delayed burst, aka counterplay, and a higher skill floor/ceiling than the old one with the way she had to put out combos and use her burst. Then they reverted her to the same qrw champion that instakills you with absolutely no delay which feels extremely shitty to play as and against. It literally only seems like people were complaining about her rework because it took more skill, but honestly that's what made her so much more fun. Trading in lane phase would have you to use your w to set up a q bounce and all ins REQUIRED you to land a chain(her only skillshot) but now all you have to do to trade is press q and w without moving your mouse, and bam, half of their hp bar is gone. I have played a lot of both of them and the rework felt like a very refreshing take on her kit that required you to actually land a skillshot and punished you for going in at the wrong time with the delay of her w recast.
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