Champ select ( 2 suggestions)

These aren't major issues but they should be addressed **Why is the ability to ban NONE even an option within champ select? Aren't you putting your team at a disadvantage by doing so?** I understand that its either used for people who cant either A) Make up their mind B) Don't really pay attention to the bans and wait for the time to run down so the client automatically bans NONE. I don't understand why in a TEAM game you are able to put your team at a disadvantage from champ select. This is disregarding the fact of a player being absent during the ban phase of the game (which should be punishable as is). **Also, why are you given the option to ban a champ that has been declared by someone on your team?** Instead of communicating you are instead given the option to take away a champ from a player which would lead into altercations between the two and ultimately the entire team. **I propose two suggestions ** 1. If a player isn't present within the ban phase of the game, the client randomly bans a champ that isn't currently being declared by anyone on the team (This also would not punish a player for not being present and would not put your team at a disadvantage). 2. If a player on your team declares a champion, you should NOT be allowed to ban that champion under any circumstance. (This would encourage communication within the team, outright banning seems a little toxic. Also, this would put an end to "Accidental bans")
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