Renekton is really unfun to play against

I genuinely don't believe that Renekton is in the healthiest spot right now. Lane phase against him is frustratingly difficult unless you specifically pick a champion that directly counters him, which unfortunately I don't find myself playing. Most of the time I pick my champ before him anyways, so they can safely pick Renekton. His combo feels really shitty to play against. Goes in, point click stun, q for massive damage plus heal, dash right back out before I can even get an auto attack on him. I'm not even safe in my own minions. You're pretty much forced to accept from champ select that you're lane is lost and you're going to be in a cs/gold deficiency because you have to just surrender your lane phase to him. Now, I understand that he's supposed to have a beastly early game because he falls off. But guess what, Spear of Shojin helps him way too much with that. Feels like he never truly falls off anymore.
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