Now that everyone's on a Jhin Witch hunt

God, I never thought people would start complaining this much about Jhin out of all marksmen. He's probably the fairest marksman there is with obvious weaknesses and solid strength profile that allows him to do stuff other Marksmen can't. He's very well designed and probably what every ADC in this game should be compared to in terms of overall design and skill expression since he does not only right click you to death. I'm not denying that he's currently VERY Powerful, I'm not. But the thing with Jhin is that he has ALWAYS had a good play rate since he's just a very SATISFYING champion to play. Compare him to someone like Ashe for example. Jhin has a skillshots, traps, an interesting reload mechanic and his ultimate, don't get me started on that one. He's a very strong champion in the right hands and unlike some other straight-forward champions he's not only rewarded with a good performance but doing that just feels great. His popularity this patch is due to three things: -He's ALWAYS been popular, thus he's already got a pretty big player base, which only got BIGGER with the release of his *Bloodmoon* skin. Even the other BM champions got an increase in play rate, especially talon -He abuses Armorpen like there's no tomorrow. It makes him too oppressive early when most adc's should be. This itemization also covers a LOT of his intended weaknesses of being squishy, LOW mobility and generally just popping when caught. Mostly a {{item:3814}} {{item:3142}} problem and not a Jhin one -He snowballs like crazy, which this meta is all about. Utility ADC's and late game powerhouses like Ashe are not seeing the light of day because games are too fast and early dominance is valued a lot more. If the game slows down we'll see a lot more variety in the adc role. So yeah, Jhin is a strong character but don't play dumb and say it wasn't obvious that he'd become even more popular. All the recent updates benefitted him directly or indirectly of course he's going to be strong. And RIOT knows that. They're hitting Lethality AND his R catch potential on the PBE. They know he's strong but unlike certain individuals they do not just want to gut that champion. Besides, I'd rather play against Jhin than stuff like Cait and Vayne.
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