Melee champs need buffs, if ya wont nerf lux make melee have an advantage over ranged so its fair

make an added bonus to all items for melee only Make them have more stats, Free second wind or something to prevent abuse from quinn top or teemo or some vayne top. This i believe will be time saving and will not require nerfing or reworking 60 or so champs.(LuL) Simply make melee's get a universal benefit they get kited by mages, ADCs, and Ranged fighters and it isn't even fair when they close the gap since they pretty much do the same(or less) damage but by then lux would have already chunked 90% of my hp and she is 1000+ range or vayne would have got me to 100 hp. you can make a shield melee's can receive if they are 500+ range away to help stop kiting abuse that can't be countered.
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