@Meddler is it still possible to see Darius rework this year?

I thought Darius would be fine once he got his full reset back but o boy I was so wrong, Recently I got to master and it made me realize how awful Darius current state is, Darius rely 90% on enemy mistakes and 10% on teammate. Playing Darius at master level was a painful experience since people play around him so easily I couldn't be able to do anything, outplay anybody unless my jungler camped me which was very rare. I think Darius state is bad for the game, He can't build damage and carry, he can't be full tank or people ignore him and deals irrelevant damage and he can't be a mix of both since he has 0 innate tankyness which make him explode to anyone who is a little bit fed. The only time Darius is relevant is when he get's fed and has items advantage and even then he still can't outplay his opponent.. It would be cool what is Riot opinion on this, thanks for reading.
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