Some suggestions for the Item Shop Cleanup post by RIOTScruffy

So RiotScruffy just made a post about doing some Spring Cleaning on the Items for League. > What are we planning to do? One of the main problems that keeps us from exploring exciting and meaningful new items is that the shop is overcrowded. This can make it hard to quickly find the item you're looking for and makes the store overwhelming to both new players and players trying champs or roles that use items they aren't yet familiar with. We want to remove "dead" items from the shop to clean up unnecessary clutter, make the shop faster to navigate and easier to understand, and make room for new additions. Here is a list of all the items I could think of over the span of 1-2ish hours that might need to be removed/reworked. The list started getting really long, So I decided to make it it's own post. You can read RiotScruffy's post [here]( --- **Items to Remove/Rework:** Unhealthy: * {{item:3161}} Spear of Sojin * 20% cdr, health, and good effect make it a very good bruiser item, but It absolutely breaks certain chamions {{champion:24}} {{champion:92}} * {{item:3124}} Guinsoo's RageBlade * The Phantom Hit effect is very strong on certain on-hit characters {{champion:67}} {{champion:10}} It's so strong on them that it limits their build options * {{item:3512}} Zz'Rot Portal * {{champion:14}} was specifically nerfed because of the Inting Sion strat that came from this item and Demolish * {{item:3147}} Duskblade of Draktharr * Hear me out, I do not think the lethality is broken. The amount of vision control this item provides while being a **VERY** good assassin item is a bit ridiculous. All other vision items are utility based or support items. It could be okay, but I think other classes should have access to vision items as well if Duskblade stays. (see item recommendations) * {{item:3025}} Iceborn Gauntlet * Anytime a ranged character can use this item well {{champion:112}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:43}} they have to be nerfed * {{item:3022}} Frozen Mallet * {{champion:150}} was nerfed into the ground forever ago because of this item. He still rarely sees play and has only recently started to get a winrate above 47% on 1% playrate due to a recent buff * {{item:3100}} Lichbane * AP assassin's like {{champion:131}} {{champion:28}}{{champion:245}} do insane amounts of upfront burst damage with this item. I feel like it limits their build options, they can't build items for the current situation b/c lichbane gives them too much damage to pass up. It doesn't see play anywhere else besides {{champion:37}}. * {{item:3071}} Black Cleaver * The combination of AD, CDR, and HP make this item extremely good for most bruiser characters. The problem is that Marksmen like {{champion:236}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:67}} pick it up a lot now too. It seems to give too much power for too many roles. Low Usage Rate: * {{item:3091}} Wit's End * I'm glad you decided to give some attention to Wit's End, but you made it even more niche than it was. It used to be good option for ranged onhit champions against a magic dmg team. Due to the below 50% health requirement for the heal and the heal reduction, ranged characters cant use it very well anymore. IMO it only seems good on attack speed bruisers like {{champion:19}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:77}} * {{item:3512}} Zz'Rot Portal * Just not used much, and when it is it's very powerful/obnoxious * {{item:3056}} Ohmwrecker * I honestly forgot about this item * {{item:3222}} Mikael's Crucible * Rarely sees play Not Impactful: * {{item:3151}} Liandry's Torment * Outshone by {{item:3165}} except on a few champions like {{champion:17}} {{champion:69}}. Any other mage that wants to build it usually has to build a slowing item {{item:3116}} {{item:3030}} to make good use of it first. * {{item:3009}} Boots of Swiftness * These boots are bought very seldomly, and do not provide much. In most situations it's better to go {{item:3117}} (for the speed) or {{item:3111}} (for the slow reduction) * {{item:3174}} Athene's Unholy Grail * Almost never built as a 1st or second item for supports. It is outshone by {{item:3107}} {{item:3504}} * {{item:2053}} Raptor Cloak * Never used b/c it builds into items never used and it's passive is only good situationally ---- **Suggested Items** * A Marksman item that gives the ability to place {{item:3363}} or use an effect like {{item:3187}} /Quinn **W** in order to give adc's the ability to counteract the vision removal from {{item:3147}} . Potentially a rework for the current shielding {{item:3046}}. Note: {{item:3363}} wards cannot be ward hopped to, so Lee and Jax should not be able to abuse it * A replacement for the phantom hit effect on {{item:3124}} that give attack speed characters more kiting ability to make up for the potential removal of phantom hit. * Armor/Health item besides {{item:3800}} that gives CDR for tanks like {{champion:154}} who can't build {{item:3110}} {{item:3025}} * An AP heavy melee assassin item that does not trigger on-hit to replace {{item:3100}}. Maybe an active with very small aoe (Graves W) and range for a 1 or 2 second smokescreen that obscures you from enemy vision and deals poison dmg to anyone inside when cast. This would help AP assassins get into a fight and stay alive a bit longer without having to ult/flash out while also reducing their upfront damage from lichbane.
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