What the fuck is the issue with having S4's fight S4's and G1's fighting G1's?

Honestly fuck this MMR slingshotted W/L ranked system, it makes no sense. If it's true that you're going to get to the rank you deserve eventually, then why bother forcing some losses on people for winning multiple games? With how many people playing this game why the FUCK should we ever see a Silver and a Plat fighting each other? That absolute mess of Dynamic queue is gone, but we should probably focus on the other problems the ranked system has. Why don't we start with this problem and the fact that you either benefit or get hurt depending on the order that you LOSE your promos in? If you WLL, you end up with 60 LP. If you LWL, you end up with 80. In the words of Michael from GTA 5, "What is this bullshit?"
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