Instead of buffing perfectly balanced champs for pro play just nerf Orianna and Syndra

I'm perfectly fine with {{champion:61}} being able to oneshot 5 people at once late game but she's just way too much oppressive during laning phase. I played as and against Orianna plenty of times and everytime I (or the enemy Orianna) came back to lane with {{item:3802}} or {{item:3165}} I would just be able to poke the shit out of the enemy mid laner without even bothering to look at my mana bar once, not to mention how she wins every trade early game because of her E. {{champion:134}} is still bullshit. She's able to do a shit ton of damage with her point and click ult and increasing her ult cooldown won't solve the problem because she still oneshots. Please make it harder for her to stack balls, she went from a hard to play champion to a braindead press R to outplay champ after the MYMU changes.
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