I didn't expect URF to be this bad...

I just don't know what was I expecting but it seems that people only want to tryhard and end the game as fast as possible, every game there is a {{champion:105}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:81}} or whatever OP champ there is, 4 years ago when URF was new it was super fun because people didn't know what's good and 'OP' now it's just like no one wants to have fun only picking most broken stuff, for example, champions like full AD crit {{champion:106}} full AP {{champion:154}} and {{champion:41}} {{champion:266}} really fun champs to try on URF, but sadly no one wants to even try new things on URF because they saw a YouTuber play something that's OP and that's that. If you decide to remove URF for good after this 10 year anniversary, honestly I wouldn't blame you, community ruined this game mode. EDIT: The thing this game mode is missing is custom game setup, for instance, I have a discord server with over 40 people and we would love to play as 10 man premade on a custom game of URF, play the game as we want. Custom games were available on old URF so why not bring them back?

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