Can Riot finally do something about Lux?

And I don't mean this half-assed, limp-dick shit you guys did with Sona that you've been doing with Lux up until now. Lux has a kit that people *want* to be a flex pick between support and mid lane. However, unlike {{champion:43}} and {{champion:26}}, where this is actually doable and strategically viable, Lux is just shit in both positions, but even more so as a support. If Lux goes mid, she bullies at first, and then people buy items and they move too fast for her floaty spells to land well. If they do land, they bought Merc Treads so you have to basically skip the confirm and just toss all your shit out at once to land your combo, assuming you didn't miss. If they're even smarter, they have MR/Cleanses/Spell Shields so you went through this effort to either be denied out-right or to do like 200 damage to a 2,500 HP target (exaggeration but still). Also, her W is so...if I'm a mid laner, why would I *want this move?* The bulk of why I'd need this is *heavily delayed.* Yeah, the numbers are strong...**on paper.** In practice, the freaking move has been nothing but a disappointment no matter what you guys have done to it ever since you nerfed its return speed. Lux mid can't use this shit for *herself* and that's the problem. When Lux goes support, her passive doesn't translate well (just get blown up by the person you're not AA'ing) and her mana costs are extremely high. However, because the parts that make the whole, between her team-wide shielding and her snare-for-2, sound like decent supporting ideas, people take it bot lane and then feed because they forget that "Oh, Lux's abilities are all INSANELY FLOATY so I can't peel cause everyone's side stepping my shit. My ult does crap because I don't have the money to make it mean anything so real supports with real supportive ults and builds get way more mileage than me, and even if I land my Q in this lane, the enemy support's gonna just negate my mileage with something. Not to mention I'm a walking bag of money and blood for any assassin or diver on the map." The way I see it, personally, we have two options: Either tailor Lux to a play style that actually makes her fit well in the mid lane, or fix Lux up so she can actually support, do it *well,* and we can see if that translates to a decent mid lane flex pick of some kind. This "Lux support" shit needs to either *actually be a thing* or **fucking dip.** It sets up too many support players for failure. As a support main myself, being Diamond since season 6, get this noob trap shit out of the game.
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