I had an interesting thought today at work...

I've played this game for about 6 years now. At an average of 1500 games a year, that makes a total of 9000 games. Each game I play with 9 other ppl from all over the world. That means 9000x9 = 81000. In a sense, I've made a small impact on 81000 ppl that I would never ever know or care about. It also means, when I go out into the world, or at work, or a concert, or any public gathering, there's a chance I've met you before, but we will never know it. We might have shared a digital space for 15-50 minutes, called each other noob, or stupid etc, helped each other win or lose. We would have done something together for 15-50 minutes and may even be living next door from each other and may never know it. It makes you think how big and small this world is sometimes.... I just wanted to share that thought.
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